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Honda Computers

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A car's engine and transmission computers transmit commands to the various working components. Literally everything is controlled by small computers, and these computers are linked to an array of sensors located throughout the vehicle. Everything from traction control and stability control to engine temperature monitoring and fuel mix is controlled by the car's computer network.

Each of these computer modules is programmed with a string of code to match the model and trim of the vehicle. Quite often, buying aftermarket parts or installing a new engine or transmission system causes a problem with the computers' ability to monitor vehicle performance. This may require the purchase of a new set of control modules, and the price is quite steep if the parts are bought from a dealer.

If the computer module begins to malfunction, it may be impossible to reprogram it. A new PCM may have to be installed in order for the sensors to correctly transmit vehicle performance information. Car Computer Exchange has the best prices on all models of ECMS, ECUs, and TCMs for your Honda vehicle. A properly calibrated and programmed PCM is vital for proper vehicle operation, and getting the best price is equally important.

Car Computer Exchange FAQs
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